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Given a penchant for the sound of the 80s and early 90s, our passion for this music borders on obsession! Among our great influences are bands like Def Leppard, Giant, and AC/DC. Stylistically, we mainly operate in the realms of melodic hard rock, classic rock, blues, and country. The band consists of 4 members. Booze Cricket was founded by singer Sam Tanner, also known as SuperSam, and drummer Mathias Niederhauser, also known as Matronom. Shortly after, bassist Raphael Rüfenacht, known as Kreaphi, joined. The role of guitarist was lovingly taken on by Joel Niederhauser, affectionately called Stringmaster. Since the band's inception, they have mainly played cover songs. However, recently, the four guys have been eager for more. Currently, they are working on original songs with the aim of producing a sample in the form of a demo album. Since the establishment of Booze Cricket, they have already gained some live experience. The positive feedback as well as the joy of the audience motivate them to keep rocking on. The suggestion for the band name came from lead singer SuperSam. Translated, the name means "Schnaps Grille" (Booze Cricket), although for him, it was more about the sound of the words and less about the meaning. The other band members liked the suggestion because of the smooth yet rocky sounding words so much that the band adopted this name from then on. ! BOOZE CRICKET !

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